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Safe-Way helps you avoid OSHA Citations

The Safe-Way is the Best Way

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Client Safety Portal empowers employers

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Safety Services that fit all Needs and Sizes

Safety Management Program

All-In-One Safety Package with all the benefits you deserve

Client Safety Portal

Online Safety Portal with all OSHA compliance documents and additional training material.


All you need to keep your company safe.

Safety Audits and Consultations

Conducted on-site to help determine potential risks, training, and avoidance of OSHA citations.

Classroom Training

Enjoy face-to-face interaction with an instructor either at your location or one of our training facilities.

In-House Training Material

Online video safety training material for just about every single industry.

Emergency First Responders

Training material and supplies that are tailored specifically for Emergency First Responders.

We Are More Than Safety Consultants

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Safe-Way Consulting

Based in the Midwest with Nationwide reach, we are your Safety Professionals.
We provide all the tools and resources your company needs to provide your employees with a safe work environment.
Online or on-site, we provide you with custom solutions for your unique problems.

Founded on the principles of protecting the lives of others, Safe-Way Consulting is dedicated to helping your company be safe and stay safe.
Contact us today with any questions or inquiries you may have.

Why Safety Training?

Research has shown that every $1 invested saves a company an average of $4 on potential injury expenses. Safety training not only saves you money, but it also maintains your employees and yourself safe. Also, don’t forget that your insurance doesn’t cover all losses. Damaged products, lost production and demotivated staff can all result from improperly trained staff. There really is no doubt, “The Safe-Way is the best way”.

Why Safe-Way Consulting?

Safe-Way consulting is your one stop shop for all your safety needs. We are more than just a Classroom and Online Safety Training company. We also develop Safety Programs and give you online access to your very own personalized online portal. Has OSHA given you visit? We will visit your business for a safety consultation and give recommendations on how to have a more safe work environment while also training employees. Looking for safety material or supplies for your business? Safe-Way as you covered. There really is no doubt, Safe-Way Consulting is your one stop shop for ALL your safety needs.

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